Talking DAYNE – Episode 1 ft. Andre Amorim (CEO/Founder of DCF Studios) PODCAST

Games of DAYNE is heading into the world of podcasting, launching with a deep dive into the interconnected gaming universe known as the DCFU with its mastermind, Andre Amorim. The CEO and Founder of DCF Studios pulls back the curtain on the origins of the DCFU in tremendous detail in this 2 hour double episode debut! A special thank you for the incredible video presentation that was put together to guide us through this conversation, so just a heads up, this podcast is visual!

To check out the DCFU Explained web-series discussed towards the end of the podcast, the playlist of all 5 episodes can be found here:…

DCF Studios’ next game is titled Tony & Clyde, a twin stick shooter with DCF’s trademark art style and engaging action. The Pre-Alpha PC Demo is currently available to download and play right now at at the following link:…

Check it out and be sure to hit up DCF Studios with any feedback that may help them fine tune the gameplay ahead of its release next year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


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