Hogwarts Legacy | Full Playthrough (Part 1)

Witness the magic of Hogwarts as I play through the entire story of Hogwarts Legacy.

As per my preferred playstyle, I tackled the story first, opting to leave side quests, collectibles and general exploration until after the credits have rolled to allow me to traverse the map and have complete and unrestricted access to areas that may be locked behind progression and spells in this case.

The only times you’ll see me complete optional side quests are when main quests are gated behind levels. I will however include the optional side quest chain that awards the 3 MISSABLE Unforgivable Curses! Quest names will be timestamped below that may help you get through them if you’re stuck!

00:00:00 Acceptance Letter

00:00:36 Character Creation

00:04:18 Prologue – The Path to Hogwarts

00:38:50 Welcome to Hogwarts

01:02:50 Defence Against the Dark Arts Class

01:09:20 Charms Class

01:20:45 Weasley After Class

01:24:55 Professor Ronen’s Assignment

01:28:55 Welcome to Hogsmeade

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