I always have so much to say about video games, whether it’s announcements, community reactions or thoughts and opinions.

Until now I haven’t had an outlet so if you want to read my thoughts on the latest news and releases, check it out, shoot me some suggestions and let’s make things interesting together.

One Month Later… with Marvel’s Avengers

It’s been one month since the Deluxe Edition early access launch of Marvel’s Avengers. A handful of patches have already been released to address a number Achievement/Trophy issues, game breaking bugs for some players and literally thousands of other issues. Crystal Dynamics have been listening to…


Monthly Games of DAYNE Review – September 2020

September has been absolutely massive. Great new releases have been consistently over the course of the month with little to no breather in between. We had the nightmare pre-order situation with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, of which I luckily got through and will…


Indie Spotlight “DCF Studios”

Welcome to the DCFU DCF Studios may be a small team of developers based in Brazil but the scope of their ambition is broad, so much so that they entered into the industry with a goal to create a shared gaming universe known as the DCFU.…