My enthusiastic interest in reviewing video games stems from my excitement and enjoyment in not just playing them but discussing and writing about them, sharing my thoughts on the enjoyability, presentation, quality and technical aspects of a title. I want to share my view that video games should not just be played, they should be “experienced”. Solid execution of a strong story with fun, accessible and engaging controls are what I look for most in titles that take my enjoyment to another level in terms of the overall experience.

Perfection is Personal

While it’s difficult to identify perfection in anything that is so open to interpretation, I have been so lucky as to experience a handful of titles that exceeded my every expectation and achieved my personal definition of perfection:

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • A Way Out 
  • Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
  • New Super Lucky’s Tale
  • The Last of Us: Part II
  • Little Nightmares II
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks
  • It Takes Two

To me, they were flawless experiences in terms of storytelling, presentation and gameplay. I understand not every player feels the same way about video games but if you want to know what I’m about, these games are a great start.


Feel free to check out my reviews below. I do not discriminate against any genre, developer or gameplay mechanic for example and I will call things out that I don’t believe are at the level that they should be. If an honest and individual opinion is something you want to compare notes against or refer to in order to help decide whether this game is for you, check them out and let me know how this helped or even if it didn’t. Help me help you.


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